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Our agent is Masons in Louth. Please do call them if you want to come and look: 01507 350500

Hockley Homes are pleased to be an approved provider of the Help to buy scheme.  For more information, please visit the Help to Buy website, or speak to a Financial Advisor.


In the March 2013 budget, the Chancellor announced the ‘Help to buy scheme’.  This is a new equity loan scheme to help people to buy a new home.


The scheme is funded by the Government through the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and is available in England from registered builders, for houses up to a purchase price of £600,000.

With Help to Buy, you first take out a repayment mortgage (with a qualifying lending institution e.g. a bank or building society). This mortgage, together with any cash contribution from you, must be a minimum of 80% of the full purchase price. The HCA then provides an equity loan to fund the balance, up to a maximum of 20% of the full purchase price.

The equity loan must be repaid after 25 years or earlier if the house is sold.  If the house is sold, the HCA receives the same percentage of the proceeds of the sale as the initial equity loan (i.e. if the initial equity loan was 20% of the purchase price of the home, then the HCA will get 20% of the proceeds of the sale).

The equity loan is interest free for the first five years. After that, there is a fee of 1.75%, increasing annually by the increase (if any) in the Retail Price Index (RPI) plus 1%.

Further details are set out in this website:


We think that Help to Buy is a great scheme and are very pleased that anyone wishing to buy a Hockley Home can potentially take advantage of this offer.  This means that, subject to status, you need a much smaller deposit to purchase your home, and also that the mortgage repayments will be lower too.  If you are interested in this scheme, you can contact the local Help to Buy agent (for the Hockley Homes in Louth, this is: http://www.helptobuymidlands.co.uk/).


In addition to this, the Government has recently extended the Help to Buy scheme to include a mortgage guarantee scheme.With this scheme, participating mortgage lenders pay a fee to the Government, which then provides a 7-year guarantee for 15% of the loan. If you are interested in this scheme, simply contact one of the participating mortgage lenders directly.