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Our Show House is now available for viewings.
Our agent is Masons in Louth. Please do call them if you want to come and look: 01507 350500

We run our company ethically and sustainably. We are passionate about delivering high quality, affordable houses which are based on sound environmental principals:

We make decisions based on what will deliver a quality house and and what is good for the environment.


Solid construction
Our houses are built with solid concrete block for the shell of the house and for the whole of the ground floor. There is also a thick layer of insulation below the surface of the ground floor, reducing heat loss to the ground below.

This makes our houses far more solid inside than the typical timber-framed new-build houses that you find in the UK. You will notice the superior sound insulation – not only between the rooms and floors of a Hockley house, but also between neighbouring houses.

Our houses are built to be cheap to run. We do this primarily by insulating them to exceptionally high standards – far in excess of current building regulations. Although insulation is expensive, it is a once-only cost that will keep paying for itself year after year.

Our houses in Louth use exterior wall insulation, a proven and fireproof way of minimising heat loss through the walls. The exterior insulation is glued and physically fastened to the exterior of a thick concrete block shell. It is then rendered with a special fibre render for added protection. This technique makes the buildings naturally resistant to external temperature changes.

Triple glazing
We use engineered red cedar window frames with triple glazing. These provide class-leading performance designed to eliminate cold spots by the windows, draughts and condensation. We believe it’s essential to match the standard of glazing to the standard of insulation elsewhere in the house, to maximise cost savings.

Timber frames
We believe that timber is the natural choice for window frames. Not only do they provide a good thermal performance, they are also tough, durable, repairable and environmentally sound.

Heat recovery
Our houses use heat recovery systems, located in the loft space. Warm air from rooms like kitchens and bathrooms is extracted and passed through a heat exchanger before being passed outside. The heat exchanger uses the energy from this process to warm the fresh air that is drawn from the outside. This warm air is then distributed around the house through ducts.

A system like this can recover around 70% of the energy that would otherwise be lost and this helps to keep the heating bills down.

Modern heat recovery systems also help houses to stay cool in summer and because the air is filtered, it prevents potential allergens from entering the house.

Under floor heating
We provide under floor heating on the ground floor for times when homeowners do want to put the heating on. A gas combi-boiler on the ground feeds this. Under floor heating lets the boiler work efficiently and offers the ultimate level of comfort with no drafts. You also find that you have more usable space in your house because no radiators are needed downstairs.

Zinc Titanium guttering
The typical life of plastic guttering is 20 years. The guttering on our houses is designed to last considerably longer than that. We source our Zinc Titanium guttering from Germany where it is readily available at reasonable prices. It looks better and will as long as the building. Long term, it is a far better environmental solution. We continue to seek a reliable supplier for this in the UK, as that is our preferred option.

Fixtures and fittings

We use high quality fixtures and fittings throughout. This includes solid doors to reduce noise transmission between rooms and to add to the feeling of solidity in the house.